Thursday, June 23, 2011

Setting a goal doesn't mean not changing it

Ever since the Kelly Stone workshop on June 18, I've been trying to tap my subconscious just before falling asleep at night and just before getting up in the morning.

This morning as I thought about how I'm not hitting my "realistic writing schedule", I realized that setting a goal doesn't mean you can't change it. You might have to tinker with it until it really is realistic.

I know that sounds like slacking off, setting a goal so low you can't possibly NOT attain it, but maybe that's the idea. If you constantly set goals you don't achieve (for whatever reason, even laziness), you're not ever going to feel like a success. Thought-feeling-action, or any permutation of those three, right?

So I need to change my "realistic writing schedule" since it's not getting done. If I set the bar low enough to be attainable, even for my lazy self, then maybe I can work my way up from there, until I'm one of those "N number of pages/day" writers.

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