Thursday, June 9, 2011

Maybe I do believe in myself, just a little

I was ranting in an email to Evangeline, one of the members of my critique group, and I realized something important that I'd like to post here as well:
I was reading last month's RWR article about believing in yourself, and I was thinking about how I *don't* really believe in my talent as a writer.

I mean, there are so many writers who write so much better than I do. I tried to tell myself that there are writers who get published who write *worse* than I do...but that didn't really help until I realized that some of my favorite romance novelists won't ever be nominated for Pulitzers, BUT! I love their stories and their characters.

I have fun reading those books, re-reading them. And other people enjoy them, too. I didn't want to write romances to get a Pulitzer, I just wanted to write stories that I like and that other people might like. And I think maybe I have enough "talent" to do that.

I don't aspire to be a NYT best-selling author, I just want to have fun and tell stories. Is that a bad thing? I think if I can rise above "dilettante", I'll be ahead of my own curve for once.

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