Sunday, April 6, 2014

What's going on these days

My life these days:

No edits yet from Wilde City Press for the Bedtime Stories anthology or from Less Than Three Press for the Project Fierce anthology,

Crawl-through-the-desert slowness of writing on the roommate-is-not-gay story,

Guest blogging at Charlie Cochet's Purple Rose Tea House this Thursday!! (April 10)

And still working on getting judges for the 2014 Published Maggies. Arrrgggh, Bryonna and her idea to get three scores per book! We currently have 124 entries, which means we need at least 75 judges. This weekend (after recovering from a 24-hour flu thing), I'm working on emailing bookstores to see if anyone there wants to judge. If I can't get enough via email, I'm going to have to TALK ON THE PHONE, which is always death.

If anyone reading this is a bookseller or a librarian (or a book reviewer, maybe -- still working on the okay for that category) and you'd like to get some romance novels for free in exchange for your honest opinions, please contact me in the comments or via email: bsnow dot writer at gmail dot com. Thanks!