Saturday, July 13, 2013

Some vacation photos -- Munich, June 23-28

 So, some vacation photos. DH has been teaching a class every other year or so just south of Munich. Can I just say that Bavaria is not a great vacation destination for vegetarians who don't like beer?

The vegetarian option at the hotel restaurant. Not that I'm complaining about it -- a baked potato swimming in sour cream and deliciously steamed vegetables heavily loaded with Parmesan cheese. What's not to like? 

For more meat, try doner (gyros), sold at stands and storefronts all over Germany (and Amsterdam). This one offered a veggie option -- I chose roasted peppers and onions plus artichoke hearts, with dill-yogurt sauce. Yummy!
They also served the beer brewed by the local monastery. I don't know why they're called "Hell".

 The other teacher this year was one of DH's co-workers, whose wife had an interest in seeing Dachau, which is close to Munich, so we went one day. A room at the end of the museum has memorial items.

Pink triangle plaque in memory of homosexual prisoners

 Munich was incredibly cold when we were there, temps in the 50's during the day, and some rain. So you can't see the sun on the gold mosaic of the State Theater (Opera House), but it still looks pretty nice.
Yes, it really was that gray every day

Some parts of Munich are old, or look old, like the Opera House, but about 80-90% of it was bombed during WWII, so there is a lot of modern architecture and art as well.
A statue, known as "The Munich Eunuch"...

...with people in the pic to show the scale

 Karla's Kaffeehaus is a bakery/cafe I like to go to in the town where we stayed. Besides the cheesecake, chocolate cake, strudel, etc., this time they also had little pieces of puff pastry that had cheese, sesame seeds, and poppy seeds baked onto them.
Proof that Europe is so much more advanced than the US

How they do cappuccino. Also, the day I realized that if my tablet's battery is charged, I'll never be without a book ever again.
Genteel afternoon coffee in Germany and a disillusioned PI in Los Angeles (Rhys Ford's "Dirty Kiss")

 The window display for a glasses store in downtown Munich.
Who says the Germans don't have a sense of humor?

More pics to come!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

LHNB story "The Idiots' Tango" now downloadable!

My free read for Love Has No Boundaries is now available for download! Or you can read it on the site.

You must be a member of the Goodreads' M/M romance group to access all the LHNB stories, including mine, and to join the group you must be at least 18.

They also have story collections from the same event in 2011 and 2012. If you've ever wanted to peruse hundreds of free M/M romances, here's your chance! This is the first year I've participated, though.

News, everyone!

I've decided to take a page from Rhys Ford's book and not wait until there's some huge occurrence to make a blog post. Although there HAVE been some huge occurrences:

1. We took another trip to Germany for DH to teach a class, but afterwards, we went to the Netherlands for a week. Photos will be upcoming.

2. The Supreme Court rejected Prop 8 and struck down part of DOMA. I'm still trying to get the details, because this is huge. So now I have a date to include in a free read, "Married Filing Jointly" which is dedicated to the day that DOMA died. I guess I need to finish it. :P

3. And today I signed a contract from Dreamspinner Press for my first stand-alone story, a Regency/shifter novella tentatively titled "A Cunning Plan", and starring a devious fox. Funnily enough, the day after I found the contract offer in my email, I saw this statue as the DH and I were on the first day of our bike tour:

I'm taking it as a good omen. :)

So stuff is happening! Everywhere!! Time to get moving and rev up this blog again. Just as soon as I finish reading every new post on facebook.