Thursday, July 30, 2015

rant: why would anyone kill a lion that wasn't attacking them?

Just now catching up on the news, specifically, about Cecil the lion. If you're as upset about it as I am now, just skip this post.

Oddly enough, since I became a vegetarian, I am LESS opposed to legal hunting of deer, for example, because at least the animal probably had a good life in the wild before being killed (fairly quickly by a bullet and not a pack of wolves or coyotes)  vs. animals living their whole lives in horrible conditions in some factory farms.

But WTF, man. What kind of person gets a thrill out of killing beautiful animals that they aren't even going to eat? And an animal in a safari park that had a name?? That's like killing your neighbor's pet dog.

end v. upset rant

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Emily's Magical Bejeweled Codpiece

Thank you to the bloggers who have let me promote my new book at their blogs when I can't even remember to update my own blog..... >.<

Emily's Magical Bejeweled Codpiece came out on June 24, when I was out of the country. That seems to keep happening....

The story is a short novella, about 16,000 words, contemporary and time travel and general crackfic, but it is also my ode to odor. I will do a blog post about that shortly.

The story is about Tom, who is kind of a jerk and wants what he can't have instead of being happy with what he does have, which is really pretty awesome. He gets himself in a whole heap o' trouble when he puts on a bejeweled codpiece that causes him to time travel back to Renaissance Florence. (I told you, crackfic!!)

I discuss how I came up with the title in my guest blog at The Novel Approach.
And here's a lovely review from Rainbow Book Reviews!

More information (including the real blurb) at the link.

And can I just say that Paul Richmond knocked it out of the park with that cover? I would add heart icons if I knew how.

Friday, July 10, 2015

a thought on Obergefell decision holdouts in KY, AL and elsewhere

I'm so impressed with all those counties where the clerks are refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because of the clerks' religious beliefs. Just think about it -- up until now, absolutely no sinners have requested marriage licenses there. It must have been paradise.