Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A.Word.A.Day drabble – huzzah or huzza

Today's drabble uses characters from the pirate novel, but it's rated G, which I can hardly believe myself. A post about Moonlight & Magnolias to follow later today, I hope.

A.Word.A.Day – Sept. 7, 2011: huzzah or huzza

A Word A Day" by Anu Garg

huzzah or huzza

interjection: Used to express joy, applause, encouragement, etc.
noun: An instance of appreciation or applause.
verb tr., intr.: To cheer.
Of undetermined origin. Perhaps used originally as a sailor's hoisting cry. Earliest documented use: 1682.

And that is how I shall use it for the daily drabble I’ve been putting off.

“One, two, three—”
“One, two, three—”

The sail crept up the mast in increments, Nate and Jeremiah pulling the line with all their strength after every count of three while Barnabas dealt with the slack, coiling it neatly several feet away to keep the younger men from becoming tangled in it.

He was no longer one of the young, strong men who hoisted the sails, but it took many hands to keep a ship afloat, and he’d be shrouded and dropped overboard before he shirked his duties. He grinned, shouting the last “Huzzah!” with the others.

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