Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dragon*con 2011

Yes, Dragon*con ended two days ago and I still don't have a post up about it. You *have* seen the name of this blog, right?

I did want to mention that I met a bunch of lovely M/M writers at our promo table, and one other at the Same-Sex Fiction panel that was part of the Writers track.

At the promo table were:

Silvia Violet, who was also at the Rainbow Flag party,
Helen Pattskyn, who really needs to consider cosplaying a mermaid someday,
Pearl Love, who I sat with at the S-S Fiction panel,
Kerry Freeman, who is pretty quiet but is probably just writing books in her head,
Nessa Warin, who took the stairs ten flights up on Saturday and was barely winded,
T.C. Blue, who brought chocolates with her name on the labels (!!),
Ellen Holiday, a fellow "Cross Bones" author who put together some great flyers for a few of us, and
Shae Connor, who organized the whole thing (the promo table, not Dragon*con, although she is on staff for that) and also brought Pixy Stix, two of which are still in my backpack if the rain on the last day didn't dissolve them into a sticky mess.

The promo table also included
Kiernan Kelly and Adrienne Wilder, who were also on the Same-Sex Fiction panel where they spoke with passion and humor about our genre. I spoke briefly to another author on the panel, Kage Alan, whose books I'm looking forward to reading, since I like humor way more than angst.

Meeting all of them was probably the highlight of the con for me!

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