Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Alec's memory of the fox

An excerpt from my novella, "A Cunning Plan". This scene is a memory Alec has of a time when he and his brother had snuck out to the lake to play, when they were children.


As they headed home, they heard a noise behind them. When they turned to look, a fox stepped out from behind a tree. They stared at the animal, which stared back at them.

“Alec? Is it going to bite us?” Hugh asked, his voice quavering.

Alec made sure to keep his own voice steady when he replied, “No. It’s just curious. Let’s keep going.”

They turned away from the fox. Ten-year-old Alec pushed seven-year-old Hugh in front of him, and they began walking again. After a few feet, he looked over his shoulder and saw the fox was following them. He stopped and turned to face the animal.

Hugh stopped too. When he saw the fox, he let out a whimper, huddling close to Alec. Alec shushed him, then shouted, “Shoo!” at the fox.

The bold creature sat on its haunches and gave them a look as if to say, “Whose forest do you think this is?”

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