Sunday, July 8, 2012

amazing male stripper at Silverado in Portland, OR

Just need to drop a line about a fantastic dancer I saw at Silverado in Portland, OR.  It's a gay bar, the first I've been to that has strippers.  (Some of the drag performers have dancers backing them up, but they've always been clothed.) 

Quite a few of them just pulled their briefs down under their ass cheeks, below their hip bones and wandered around the stage like that.  One guy was very, um, into displaying himself -- briefs off, legs up and spread.  I was kind of glad that my view was blocked by guys going up to tip him.  But the dancer I wanted to talk about -- tall, wiry, dark spiky hair, a few tattoos on his chest -- he moved so beautifully!

First off, he undressed a bit at a time (lovely), doing body rolls and air-humping parts of the stage with his pants still on, but unbuttoned/unzipped.  Then he'd take off some more clothing, still moving sinuously, until he was finally down to briefs and socks.  He played with himself a bit, groping inside his underwear, doing more writhing, all the while looking like he was really enjoying himself, just having a fun time moving and taking off his clothes.  I didn't know why the guys in that bar weren't screaming at him, "Shut up and take my money!" At one point he kind of flicked along the top of his dick, just for fun, it seemed, and did the make-your-dick-flap move. 

We were getting ready to leave, but I stuck a dollar in his briefs.  I wanted to hand it to him, but he was holding them out, so what could I do?  One of two guys I tipped that night -- the other was the one dancing on the other side of the stage, maybe the only other guy there who was as good of a dancer. 

Anyway, just needed to post the images in my head (no photographs allowed inside the bar) before I forget them.  I'm tempted to put him into my drag queen story, but not as David's love interest; Jason, the staid-ish baseball player, kind of pales in comparison to sexy stripper guy.  So I think I'll have to save him for someone else.

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