Monday, November 14, 2011

A.Word.A.Day drabble – 5/24/10: jactitation. (NSFW)

Missed this one. And it’s a really weird one.

A Word A Day by Anu Garg



1. A false boast or claim that is intended to harm someone, especially a malicious claim by a person that he or she is married to a particular person.
2. Involuntary tossing and twitching of the body and limbs.

From Latin jactitation (tossing, false declaration), past participle of jactitare (to throw out publicly, to boast), frequentative of jactare (to throw about), frequentative of jacere (to throw).

Would have loved to use the “marriage” definition but just couldn’t work out how to do it. Too obscure. So going the easier, more obvious route. Anyone who can come up with a drabble using the "marriage" definition is welcome to post it in the comments. Your reward will be a standing ovation by me in the privacy of my own home.


“Ow, what the fuck!”

“Sorry! I’m so sorry! Are you okay?” Dave sat up.

“Yeah. I’ve had worse.” Jason rubbed his cheekbone. “Why’d you kick me? You could have just told me to stop.”

“No, it was great, I didn’t want you to stop. You’re so good I just kind of...lost it."

“Yeah, right. I know you’ve had better.”

“No. No one’s ever gone down on me before.”

“...Have I told you your other boyfriends sucked?”

“No, they didn’t. That’s the whole point.”

“Smartass. Now, spread ‘em. And if you kick me again, I’m tying you to the bed.”


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