Sunday, August 14, 2011

Distractions. And, oh yeah, procrastination

I'm not going to get that short story done for Dreamspinner's "Higher Learning" anthology. Just too many distractions right now, and too much to change/fix from the original idea I had.

And since I was spending my time and energy on that story, I didn't get anything submitted for the Halloween free reads before those slots all filled up.

So now my goal is to write what's in my head and FINISH that instead of chasing new ideas. If I'd written the sequel to "What I Learned From My Roommate" when I'd originally thought of it, I would have had a finished story ready to submit to "Higher Learning". (Of course, it would have been a completely different story than what I'm working on now, but that might've been okay....)

Yes, my mini-goal was to submit something for every DSP call for submissions, but I need to be more disciplined to be able to do that, since I'm not getting them written AND I'm not getting my novel written. Curse you, laziness!!

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