Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Blog!

Byronna made me do it!

This blog is called "Procrastination Station" because that's what I do -- procrastinate.  I read books, research on the web, go to conferences, anything except actually DOING whatever it is I think I want to do.  I procrastinate, not so much because I'm a perfectionist, but just because I'm lazy.

BUT! With this blog, I will try vow to change my lazy ways.  It's time to turn over new leaves and all that.  If (when?) I'm successful at doing instead of thinking about or planning to do, then maybe I'll change the name of this blog.  Until then, I hope the name will spur me into doing the opposite. (Although if you're reading this, maybe *you're* the one procrastinating....Well, we can encourage each other, right?)

I'd love to be able to link these posts to fb, since that is where my writing friends are.  Maybe I'll figure that out later.

At any rate, now sitting in Starbucks with Bryonna after Nancy Knight's wonderful workshop, "Well Begun is Half Done."  I like being able to find important points in writing workshops that I have already included in my novel.  I'm not sure I have the *best* beginning I could have, but not sure I can think up anything better, at least not right now.  What do you all think?

“Captain?  We’ve got a problem.”

“What sort of problem?” William asked quietly, not taking his eyes from the captive passengers grouped in the middle of the deck.



Does it need more?  Less?  I've already revised it from what I had originally (bad, I know!  I should wait until I've finished to revise!) when I wrote it for NaNoWriMo 2009.


  1. And look, you already have 8 followers so I just MIGHT know what I'm talking about huh? hehe

    Linking blogs to Facebook is pretty easy just go here: under whatever facebook name you want them to appear on.

    Next, I like the beginning so far but its hard to tell for sure since I don't know what else is going on. But it does make you wonder what exactly is going on. :)

  2. I kind of forgot to keep up. I don't think I've checked this blog or my B Snow email for weeks. Of course, I was gone last week, but now I'm back and will try to do better!

    Glad you liked my beginning!